From Atsugi Naval Air Facility

The closest stations to Atsugi are Sagami-no and Sagami-otsuka. Both are on the Sotetsu Line. Board the train for Yokohama, and at Yokohama, transfer to the Tokyu Toyoko Line bound for Naka-meguro station.

At Naka-meguro, transfer to the Hibiya subway line (Track #3). Get on the last car, and ride two stops to Hiroo (exit #2).

No. of transfers: 2 Times Travel time: Approx. 61min. Fare
Sagami-no sagamino 28min. Adult: ¥300
Child (6-12): ¥150
Sagami-otsuka sagamiotsuka
Sotetsu Line sotsu_line
Yokohama yokohama
Tokyu Toyoko Line
Approx.: 25min. (Express)
21min. (Limited Express)
Adult: ¥490
Child (6-12): ¥250
Naka-meguro nakameguro
Tokyo Metro: Hibiya Line
Approx.: 5min.
Hiroo hiroo
Walk Approx.: 7min.
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