“NEW” Access Requirement for Non-U.S. Government Guests

(as of: 12 DEC, 2022)


This page provides information for access to The New Sanno Hotel.

  • Individuals must possess a suitable means of picture identification while on or attempting to gain access to the area(s) listed herein. Failure to do so may result in the denial of access or removal from the area.
  • Valid identifcation consist of: U.S. or Foreign passport, a Japanese passport / drivers licnese / Japanese residence card with picture.
  • Guests whose country of origin is not the U.S. or Japan must be sponsored by a SOFA sponsored ID card holder or Trusted Traveler (FPCON NORMAL to BRAVO only). In following USFJ Instruction 31-204 and COMNAVFORJAPAN Instruction 5500.7, there are pre-requirements which allow access to U.S. Forces installations and facilities in Japan. Please prepare well in advance by contacting The New Sanno Security Department (DSN: (315) 229-8082 / Commercial: 03- 6868-2311 ext. 8082) to ensure entry requirements are met prior to visit.
  • For overnight sponsored guest, an access entry pass will be issued by the Front Desk upon check-in.
  • Guest who country of origin designated below are require to complete additional documentation 30 days in advance. Without such preparation and submission, your guest may be denied access :
U.S. Naval Joint Services Activity, The New Sanno Unit Designated Country Request Chart
Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus **China Cuba
Djibouti Ecuador Egypt Georgia **Hong Kong India Indonesia
***Iran (Islamic Republic Of) Iraq Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya ***Korea (Democratic People’s Republic Of) Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libyan Arab Jamahiriya **Macau Nicaragua Nigeria Oman
Pakistan Palestinian Territory(Occupied) Qatar ***Russian Federation Serbia Saudi Arabia Somalia
South Africa Sudan South Sudan Syrian Arab Republic ***Taiwan (ROC) Tajikistan Tunisia
Turkey United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam Yemen  

** Government Officials, to include military / security agency members, or government funded institutions require OSD approval.
*** Government Officials, to include military / security agency members, require USFJ J5 coordination.
Required documents to submit with Access Request Form: Copy of passport with entry stamp.

U.S. Naval Joint Services Activity, The New Sanno Unit Escort Table
*Authorized Escorts*
(SOFA Sponsored and other U.S. Federal Employees)
General Access / Up to 6 Personnel
Sunday Brunch / Special Events / Special Brunch ( Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...) / Up to 20 Personnel

Note: Over 20 personnel requires prior approval.

Escort Violation Policy. The New Sanno Hotel Director / General Manager may withdraw or revoke escort privileges on for personnel who fail to comply with escort requirements depending the nature of offense. Personnel who fail to adhere to the escort requirements may be subject to the following administrative actions below or additional actions directed by The New Sanno Hotel Director/General Manager:

U.S. Naval Joint Services Activity, The New Sanno Unit Escort Violation Chart
1st Offense Warning Letter Issued by the Security Officer to member
2nd Offense Formal letter issued by Security Officer to member and Department Head or equivalent / Sponsor
3rd Offense Formal Letter issued by the Security Officer to member and unit Commander initiating a 30 day revocation of escort privileges starting for the day of the offense.


  • All access request forms may be submitted directly to the Security Department for processing in person or via group email
PDF Files
New Sanno Hotel Access Pass NEW SANNO HOTEL ACCESS PASS.pdf
New Sanno Hotel Contractor Access Pass NEW SANNO HOTEL CONTRACTOR ACCESS PASS.pdf
The New Sanno Hotel Designated Country Entry Request THE NEW SANNO HOTEL DESIGNATED COUNTRY ENTRY REQUEST.pdf