Are you Eligible to Make a Reservation?

Reservists are NOT authorized to make room reservations unless in possession of active duty orders specifying travel to/via Japan.

Category Eligibility
Active Duty O
Active Dependent (AR, NV, AF, MC, CG)
Retiree from Active Duty
DAV (Disabled Veterans) DD-Form 2765
Dependent of Retired Reservist Must be accompanied by Sponsor
Retired Reservist O
with Valid ID
Retired Dependent Must be accompanied by Sponsor
Widow (URW) or Widower
with Valid ID
Active National Guard On official orders or EML orders to JAPAN
Active Reservist Active Duty Orders and Valid ID
DoD Civilians Stationed in Japan
DoD Contractors Stationed in Japan
DoD Contractors Dependent Stationed in Japan
US Embassy Personnel Stationed in Japan
US Embassy Personnel Dependent Stationed in Japan
US Embassy Personnel from outside Japan On official orders or EML orders to JAPAN
DoD Civilians/ Contractors from outside Japan On official orders or EML orders to JAPAN
Non-DoD On Travel orders to Japan


#1: Visitors must produce a valid ID with photograph when requested by a New Sanno official. Visitors without a means of positive identification and/or proof of legal age will not be admitted to any hotel facility. (The legal age for active duty U.S. military personnel is 20 years of age, the legal age for individuals covered by Japanese law is 20 years of age.) Legal age for liquor purchase is 20.

#2: In December 2019 we received new Department of Defense/Navy Regulations which expand authorized use at Commissary, Exchanges and some Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities on DOD installations to Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war (POW), veterans with VA-documented service-connected disability ratings and Primary Family Caregivers of eligible Veterans under the VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers.


Unfortunately, the use of those facilities in Overseas locations are also subject to the Host Nation laws and International agreements.  Specifically for Japan, these new privileges, in regards to The New Sanno Hotel, will not apply in Japan because of these Host Nation laws and International agreements (the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)) prohibits it.  If there is a change in policy we will update our website and social media pages accordingly


With only 149 guest rooms, we have developed reservation policies which are intended to ensure availability for as many eligible individuals and families as possible. Your continued support of these policies will help make The New Sanno an enjoyable oasis in downtown Tokyo for those dedicating their lives to serving our country.

Check-out time is prior to 11:00 a.m.. Approval of a late check-out is based on availability of rooms and cannot be assured prior to check-out date. Arrangements for late check-out must be made in advance with the Front Desk. Late check out between 11:00 – 12:00 will be charged a quarter of the room rate and the full rate for check-outs after 12:00 p.m..

Sponsors are limited to 3 rooms per visit (sponsor room and two house guest rooms), unless arranged in advance as part of a special event such as a wedding, etc.

The New Sanno periodically reviews our policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Status of Forces Agreement(SOFA) between the United States Government and the Government of Japan, and Department of Defense Instruction 1015.10. We have the utmost respect and admiration for all those whom serve, in all capacities, however, are bound by the SOFA and accompanying policies set for us. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our reservation office at (DSN) 229-8002 or (COM) 03- 6868-2322 (from U.S.  1-702-951-8002)

Email inquiries may be sent to room_rsv@thenewsanno.com