Airport Shuttle Service


Narita and Haneda convenient, door-to-door service provided by The New Sanno.  Service is based on a very limited availability, so please book early.




  • Narita AP – New Sanno : $250.00 per ride (to or from the airport, all tolls/taxes/other expenses included)
  • Haneda AP – New Sanno : $150.00 per ride (to or from the airport, all tolls/taxes/other expenses included)
  • Shuttle service reservations will be accepted for eligible New Sanno guests, on a first-come first-service basis and can be made up to six-months in advance per availability. 
  • To make a reservation or inquiry by telephone CML +81-3-6868-2322 (Japan#), CML1-702-951-8002 (US#), DSN 229-8002 or

    1. Please download the request form below.

Narita to New Sanno

New Sanno to Narita

Haneda to New Sanno

New Sanno to Haneda


    2. Fill out the form and send it as an attachment from E-mail. 

* This form is good for desktop users. 

  • Reservations are not “complete” until the guest receives confirmation from The New Sanno (please ensure you bring a copy of confirmation, or show digital confirmation for identification purposes)
  • There are limited seats available within the van, maximum four passengers with five regular-sized suitcases or six passengers with without luggage. (A baggage delivery service is available in cooperation with Black Cat. Customers can send their baggage from the Airport to the Hotel and also send baggage from Hotel to the Airport. It can be made at least one day prior)
  • Flight Delays – Please notify us as soon as possible with any flight delays whether from point of departure or due to airport challenges. Unannounced delays exceeding 3 hrs. will be charged an additional fee of $30.00.
  • Reservations must be cancelled at least three days (72 hours) in advance, cancellations within 3 days will be charged full fare.