Laundry/Dry Cleaning


8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed: Mon, Thurs

Dear Valued New Sanno Customers,

Laundry pick-up window will be a cashless operation starting Dec 8th.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


The New Sanno provides fast laundry and dry cleaning service.
Please look in your room dresser drawer for the proper forms to use when requesting this service.


More Info

Please bring your garments to the Pick-up counter window located on the basement level.

We will clean and pack, you store and stack! Save storage space and not worry about dust, odors, mildew and bugs.  Additional garment cleaning fees will apply.


Fill your laundry bag with as many garments as you can and we will wash and fold all your items for only $10.

Place them outside your door by 8 am and we will deliver them back
to your room by 5 pm.

Itemize your items on the wash and fold ticket placed inside the laundry folder in the top drawer, put this in the bag and consider it done.

Please note this service is for items that do not require pressing such as socks, undergarments, no press slacks and does not include dry cleaning.