Express Delivery by Commercial Carriers


1F Front Desk

When using Fedex or a domestic carrier company such as Kuro Neko (Black Cat) to have belongings shipped to the Hotel, you are required to give notice to the Front Desk prior to the delivery date.

Baggage / Packages that arrive prior to your check-in at the Front Desk will be refused.
Baggage / Packages that arrive after your check-out will be refused.

Please kindly complete the form below:

  • Name of Carrier

* If you are going to use a company not listed above, please write the carrier name in the "Other" box.

Policy Information

Please read the policy below, check the box if you agree.

  • The New Sanno requires the above information prior to the delivery date.
  • Unaccompanied baggage(s) must be via one of the prescribed methods, Fedex or a domestic carrier.
  • Guest must be checked in before the unaccompanied baggage or package is expected to arrive.
  • Baggage or packages that arrive prior to check-in will be refused.
  • Baggage or packages that arrive after check-out will be refused.
  • Enveloped (letter) type mail may be received one day in advance of actual check- in.

  • Policy Information