Born in Los Angeles. USA



Born in Buffalo NY. USA

Tour: The Stylistics, Kool and The Gang etc

TV appearance: Ayumi Hamasaki 『Endless sorrow 』Promotion video
Chorus for Ekichi Yazawa at『Hey Hey Hey 』
Chorus for Faith Hill at『M station, Music Fair』
Chorus for Ken Hirai at 『MTV Unplugged 』
Chorus for Sowel at 『POP JAM 』
Sang We will Rock you at NHK 『Daimei no Nai Ongakkai』
Chorus for Kumi Koda at 『M station 』and more
Play Drum for AK69 Music Promotion video

Concert: Band Director and Chorus for Ashanti’s World tour
Chorus for Wanya (Boyz 2 Men) Concert in Yokohama
Chorus for Melodie’s MTV X’mas Concert in Tokyo etc…

Movie: 『Missing 』play with KC&Jojo
2010 『BECK』play with Hiro Mizushima
2011 『Imu no Eiga』

CD: Solo Debut Album 『It’s All In The Game』Release
2nd Album 『Are you Feeling Me?』Release 
2002 World Cup CD 『Tsubasa we kudasai』Release
2003 By Platinum Patnuz 『Drama-Tix』Release
2003 Read vocal, Vocal arrange for Misia Respect Album
2004 Produce for GTS-Melodie Sexton
Produce for Lil Ai CD

Recording: Chorus for Kumi Koda Album

Tour: 2009~2011 Chorus for Shunsuke Kiyokiba’s Japan Tour
 Chorus for Kumi Koda’s Japan Tour and Bill Board Live Tokyo&Osaka

2007 Mar  Performance for Michael Jackson’s VIP Party in Tokyo



Active as an impersonator for Michael Jackson.
Please enjoy the performance where Michael himself called out, "You are excellent!"



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