Does the hotel provide baby cribs?

Baby cribs are available on a first come-first served basis, and they are free of charge. Cribs cannot be accommodated in our Japanese and Asakusa Suites. Please contact our Room Reservations (ext 8051) or Front Desk (ext 8090) for further assistance.



Are there any accessible rooms for guests with disabilities in the hotel?

Very regrettably, the hotel does not have any accessible rooms for guests with disabilities. This is part of our priority project list for our planned room renovation. The Hotel can provide some ADA equipment to assist our guests during their stay. The Hotel has shower stools, slopes for bathroom entrances, and steps for the beds. They are free of charge and on a first come-first served basis due to the limited number of items available. Please feel free to contact our Room Reservations (ext 8051) or Front Desk (ext 8090) prior to your arrival to assist you with your needs.




Can I request for an additional bed in the room?

Yes. Rollaway beds are available for King and Twin Suites on a first come-first served basis with an additional fee of $9.00/per night. Please contact Room Reservations (ext 8051) or Front Desk (ext 8090) for further assistance.



Do I need a power converter for U.S. electronic devices?

No. The New Sanno facility, including all guest rooms, are equipped with (3-Prong) 100v / 50 Hertz outlets. Your U.S. electronic devices should work fine in your room and within the hotel.



I am allergic to feather. What kind of fillings do your hotel pillows have?

Our pillows and duvets have polyester, non-allergenic fillings. Down lite alternative pillows are a synthetic alternative to goose or down and are hypoallergenic. These products provide our guests with a great night sleep.



Are there a microwaves in the hotel rooms?

No. However, microwaves are located on each floor behind the guest elevator.



Is it safe to consume the tap water in the room?

Yes. Water is tested and safe for drinking, though if you prefer mineral bottled water, we can provide mineral bottled through room service, or purchased at Hero’s, Sunrise Bakery Café or NEX minimart.



 What is the DND “Do Not Disturb” policy in the hotel?

When seeking privacy, please place the “Do Not Disturb” and “Privacy” signs onto the door for your convenience. Occasional room inspections may be required for the safety and well-being of our guests.



What is the hotel smoking policy? Are there any smoking areas?

The New Sanno building is 100% smoke-free. However, we offer a designated smoking area right outside of the main entrance, off of the lobby. Please contact our hotel staff for the further assistance.



Am I allowed to open the windows in my room?

No. All of our guestroom windows are designed not to be opened due to the safety of our guests.




 What are the steps to obtain an “Assistance Dog” certificate?

Please visit http://www.maff.go.jp/aqs/english/animal/dog/index.html for more information.



What paperwork is required for an Assistance Dog to access the facilities?

All service dogs in Japan must be legally certified by the Animal Quarantine Service of Japan and have a certificate and a tag issued by them.





How does a hotel guest access The Edge; swimming pool and fitness center? Do you sell a swimming pool day pass for visitors? Is towel service available?

For details, please refer to the following page. (www.thenewsanno.com/facilities/the-edge/swimming-pool-jacuzzi-saunas)



Is there an ATM in the hotel?

Yes. The ATM is located on the 2nd floor by our Japanese restaurant – Kikuya. It dispenses both of US dollars and Japanese Yen. (www.thenewsanno.com/facilities/services/atm)



Is there an accessible restroom available for physically disabled guests within the hotel?

Yes. There is one on the 2nd floor near The Edge;  swimming pool and fitncess center area.



Does the hotel have a coin operated laundry facility?

Yes. It is located in our basement, within the parking lot, and open 24/7. There is a coin changing machine and vending machine for detergent.

Please contact our Navy Exchange on the 2nd floor if you should have any questions or issues with the machines.



Are there any diaper changing rooms within the hotel?

There are several restrooms within the hotel equipped with diaper changing tables.


    Men’s Ladie’s
1F Next to Catering Office No Yes
Banquet room side Yes Yes
2F In front of Service Elevator No Yes
Wheel Chair Accessible Bath Room ( by swimming pool ) Yes
B1 By parking lot No



Is there a guest nursing facility in the hotel?

Very regrettably, the New Sanno hotel has no designated nursing room. Though if you need a private space for nursing, please ask our staff for assistance.


What type of Internet Connectivity is available in the hotel?

The Hotel has complimentary high speed WiFi available in guest rooms and public areas.


Who should I contact for lost and found items?

Please contact our security office for lost and found items within the hotel, please dial extension 8082 for assistance.




Does the hotel offer wheelchair rentals for guests?

Yes. The hotel offers Wheelchairs based on availability, a very limited number of wheelchairs for inside the hotel facility use only. (www.thenewsanno.com/facilities/services/wheelchair)



Is there any luggage transport assistance available in the hotel?

Yes. Please refer to the following page. It is only available domestically (within Japan) including military Installations. (www.thenewsanno.com/facilities/services/luggage-transport-storage-taxi-service)

Guest are able to send luggage to the hotel before arrival by submitting required documents prior to the delivery date. Please refer to the following page for further details. (www.thenewsanno.com/facilities/services/express-delivery-by-commercial-carriers)


How can I call a taxi? Is there anyone who can assist?

For taxi assistance, please inform our Bellman. However, please be aware that the Bellman have to call a taxi from outside of the hotel, which occasionally takes time to arrange depending on taxi availability and also based on weather.



Does the hotel offer baby stroller rental service?

No. The New Sanno hotel does not offer baby stroller rental service.



Is there a cloak room to hold my luggage before check in and after check out?

Yes. Please contact our Bellman or Front desk for your assistance.


Does the hotel offer laundry and dry cleaning services for staying and non-staying guests?

Yes. The New Sanno hotel offers laundry and dry cleaning service for visitors as well as for stay guests. Discover More


Where can I exchange money?

There is no money exchange at the hotel. However, there is an ATM on the 2nd floor Discover More.

Also, The attached pdf is for ATMs outside of the hotel. [ pdf ]



How do I find information about options for room types that are available in the hotel?

Please visit the following page. We offer general information about each room. Discover More


How do I find room availability information?

There is a calendar that shows availability. Please refer to the following page. Discover More



How far in advance can I make room reservation?

Reservations can be booked six months in advance according to room availability.


How long can I stay at your hotel? Is there a limit?

Reservations can only be made up to 14 consecutive days, longer than 14 consecutive days may be extended based on availability and approval by Reservation committee.



How many guest are allowed to stay in a room?

Please visit the following page. We have max number of occupants at Room Description in each room type on at Factsheet.


I am active duty. Is my civilian friend eligible to stay with me at The New Sanno?

Yes. Visitors with valid forms of identification can stay with hotel guest. However, they must be signed in at the front desk at check in or with Security any other time. They will be issued a visitor pass as applicable. 


I am an authorized ID card holder, can my guest enter the hotel without me?

No. All guests who wish to gain access to The New Sanno property must be escorted by an authorized ID Card holder. 



I made a reservation online, by filling out the online reservation form. Why can’t the hotel  find my reservation?

The online reservation form is ONLY a request. It is not a confirmed reservation until you receive a confirmation from the reservation desk. 



What time can I check-in to my guestroom?

Check-in time is after 3:00 p.m. daily. Due to occupancy demand, early arrivals cannot be assured, but will be accommodated whenever possible.

Guest must check-out prior to 11:00am. Approval of a late check-out is based on availability of rooms and cannot be guaranteed prior to check-out date. Arrangements for late check-out must be made in advance with the Front Desk. Late check out between 11:00 – 12:00 will be charged a quarter of the room rate and the full rate for check-outs after 12:00 p.m. Complimentary luggage storage is available with the Bell Desk.


What type of ID is required to enter the hotel?

1. Active Duty Military ID card * Reserve Military ID card Retired Military ID card

2. Active DOD Civilian ID card (CAC) U.S. Embassy Access ID My Number Card with Photo/Individual Number Card, Driver’s License (only Japanese driver’s license) or Passport

3. Non-Japanese Nationals; Passport, Alien Registration Card (see below) * NOTE: Must be SOFA Sponsored, on Official Orders to Japan, or on Environmental and Morale Leave.

4. ** Guests whose country of origin is not the US or Japan must be sponsored by a SOFA sponsored ID card holder. In following USFJ INST 31-204 and COMNAVFORJAPAN INST 5500.7, there are pre-requirements to allow access to U.S. Forces installations, including US Naval Joint Services Activity, The New Sanno.

Please prepare well in advance by contacting (315) 229-8082 to confirm if further request forms and I.D.'s are required in advance, as the Country of origin may require further documentation with a firm required 30 day advance receipt. Without such preparation and submission, your guest may be denied access to The New Sanno.



Baseball & Sumo

You could purchase advance tickets through following websites.

Giants: https://www.e-tix.jp/ticket_giants/en/ticket_pc_en.html

Yakult Swallows: https://www.yakult-swallows.co.jp/en/

Sumo: http://www.sumo.or.jp/En/

Can I buy train tickets, bullet train tickets, bus tickets at New Sanno?

The hotel does not sell train tickets, bullet train tickets, nor bus tickets.

If you stay in Japan more than 7 days and would like to travel within Japan, a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) would be worth purchase in advance.

It can be used by foreign tourists only, and you must purchase the pass before you come to Japan.

For details, please refer to the following link.




Can I reserve Wagon Taxi while we stay in your hotel?

The hotel can arrange & reserve Wagon Taxi, based on Taxi availability. Please contact our concierge desk for assistance. Advance reservation is required.

*Wagon Taxi can accommodate maximum of 6 people, depending on total number of luggage.

*Wagon taxi charges extra fees for Pick up and Wagon specification fee.




You can purchase Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disney Sea tickets at the gates on the same day.
Advance tickets are sold online and at Disney Stores.

Disney’s e TICKET

If you have credit cards issued outside Japan, you could use VISA or MasterCard to purchase Disney online tickets. Also, 3D secure authentication is required to purchase online tickets. For more details, please refer to the website as below.


Disney store @ Shibuya (approx. 30 min. from the New Sanno)



Do you provide maps at the hotel?

Yes. There are also some maps available at the following pages. These are just a sample of the ones we provide at our concierge and Front desk. Discover More



Do you provide transportation to Disney Resort?

Hotel does not provide transportation to Disney Resort. Please refer to the following page for directions to Disneyland and Disney Sea from the New Sanno Hotel.



How do I find information about the Airport Limousine Bus? [schedule, fare and ticket ]

Please follow the link for the Airport Limousine Bus corporate site for more details.

Airport Limousine



How do I get information regarding highlights of Tokyo from the hotel?

We have a list of them with directions, please visit/call the concierge.


How do I get to your hotel?

We have directions from each Installation and both Narita and Haneda airports on the following page.

Discover More


Where can I purchase bus tickets for Narita Airport Limousine at your hotel?

Please arrange at our concierge desk, open 07:30-16:30 or at the Front desk. For more details, please visit the following link. Discover More




How do I purchase Hotel gift certificates?

Gift certificates of $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00 can be purchased at the Front Desk and at F&B Reservations via credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DISCOVER) & cash.

Gift certificates can be ordered by telephone. Phone: (DSN) 229-7031, 7032, 7036 or 7037



Where can I use the Hotel gift certificates?

Gift certificates can only be used for Lodging, all Restaurants, and The Fairwinds Lounge.
Gift certificates cannot be used at the Navy Exchange, Jewelry Shop, or Hashimoto Gift Shop. 



Can Hotel gift certificates be redeemed for cash?

Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.



Can I return a purchased Hotel gift certificate?

Gift certificates are non-refundable.



How long can I use the Hotel gift certificates?

Gift certificates are valid for one year.



Is there a Dress Code in The New Sanno?

All common areas of The New Sanno (not to include guest rooms) are considered public, and all authorized guests are to be compliant with COMNAVFORJAPANINST 1020.3B CIVILIAN CLOTHING REGULATION/ POLICY which outlines that dress and appearance must be non-offensive, neat, clean and appropriate to time, place and function. Moreover, that fishnets, tank tops, undershirts or undergarments worn as outerwear, and men’s sleeveless tops are prohibited. Outer garments bearing obscene, discriminatory or with offensive designs or language are not allowed.

At the Pool, appropriate clothing helps maintain a safe environment. Swimmers must wear regulation swimsuits, no cut off shorts, denim, workout clothes allowed. As a family-friendly hotel, please abide by aforementioned guidelines in accordance with CNFJ Policy 1020.3B to promote an environment enjoyed by all customers.

At the Fitness Center, a proper Dress Code helps prevent injury, protect equipment from damage and again helps us maintain the positive environment sought. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and cap sleeves are not permitted. Jeans, skirts, or dresses are not to be worn in the Fitness Center. Please be sure to wear proper athletic shoes that are clean and tied. Open backed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, or bare feet are not allowed.

Appropriate cover-up and footwear is required while going to or coming from the pool for all customers. Workout clothing, sweaty or soiled attire are not to be worn in any of the public areas unless going directly to or from the Fitness Facility (not to be worn in restaurants, lounge, coffee shop, retail shops).

Our fine dining restaurant, Wellington’s, requires appropriate dress code for all customers. Wellington’s does not require a jacket or tie for gentlemen, however, for both men and women, a minimum casual dress code requirements and appropriate attire with proper foot wears are required. Dress and appearance must be non-offensive. Outer garments bearing obscene, discriminatory or with offensive designs or language are not allowed. We do not permit tank tops, sleeveless tops or shirts, undershirts or undergarments, no cut off shorts, workout clothes, swim wear, sandals, torn, or frayed clothing.

Additionally for all Restaurants/Bar and Banquet Functions (including Sunday Brunch): Casual headwear including Baseball (Sports) hats, bandanas, stocking caps, outdoor knit caps are not permitted. Female fashion head cover accessories for outfits, dress hats and scarves, excluding the above “casual headwear” are permitted, as well as medically or religious required covers.

For special events, attire is as specified for the event. Beatles Night, R&B Night, Motown, Filipino Night Dress Code: Resort Casual/Theme Appropriate (No Shorts, Tank Tops, Flip Flops, Cut Offs, Undershirts or undergarments) Compliant with COMNAVFORJAPANINST 1020.3B CIVILIAN CLOTHING REGULATION/ POLICY


Dress Code: Business Attire
Men: Jackets are recommended
Women: Business or Evening Wear (No Shorts, Tee Shirts, Tank Tops or Jeans)
Hawaiian Luau:
Dress Code: Casual/Aloha attire
Taste of Japan:
Friday Reception Dress Code: (No Shorts, Tank Tops, Flip Flops, Cut Offs, Undershirts or undergarments)
Dress Code: Resort Casual

Saturday Dinner Dress Code: (No Shorts, Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, or Jeans)
Dress Code: Business Casual

NYS EVE Dress Code: Theme appropriate (define for each)
as of 18 Oct, 2018




The New Sanno has limited parking available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking overnight is only permitted for overnight guests. Please note your license plate number is required at check in. There are various parking areas in close proximity to The New Sanno available for a charge. Day parking at The New Sanno while not using The New Sanno facilities is not permitted.

Parking Map (pdf file Mar. 2020)



updated 26 JAN, 2021