空席広報(Job Vacancy Announcement)

*空席広報をよくお読みのうえ、提出する書類(空席応募用紙など)を用意していただき、人事課まで普通郵便で郵送してください。(必ず差出人住所及び氏名を記載してください。また、書留・配達証明・EXパック等では送らないでください。) 延長された空席広報については(掲載から2週間を経過したもの)、記載されている締め切り日以前に募集を取り下げる可能性がございますので、ご了承くださいませ。

Please read vacancy announcement carefully and complete necessary forms (ex: application for vacancy announcement, etc) and mail (regular postal mail. Please write sender’s name & address on the envelope.) to The New Sanno Personnel Office. (Please do not mail by register, certified, ex pack, etc). After the first cut-off date(2 weeks after the opening), the position may be taken down before the indicated closing date.

更新は募集の都度行います。Announcement is updated depend on the recruitment status.



Employees’ Voice


Hi Guys,

I am Richard, currently working in the New Sanno.  I’ve been working here for almost 20 years. I gain a lot knowledge and experience and a lot of friends.

This is my second home so don’t hesitate to come and join the team.  It’s a great place to work with!

See you soon.


Hero’s American Deli


My name is Ruben Ramirez.   I am originally from Mexico.

Here in the New Sanno, you can find yourself in cozy environment also you can find people from all over the world, such as Philippines, Argentina, Nepal, Ethiopia, France, Italy, you name it.  Language barrier wouldn’t be a problem for you.  There is always people helping people around the hotel.  Please join us to be part of this experience.  We are here waiting for you.