空席広報(Job Vacancy Announcement)


Please read vacancy announcement carefully and complete necessary forms (ex: application for vacancy announcement, etc) and mail (regular postal mail) to The New Sanno Personnel Office. (Please do not mail by register, certified, ex pack, etc).




Employees’ Voice


Hi Guys,

I am Richard, currently working in the New Sanno.  I’ve been working here for almost 20 years. I gain a lot knowledge and experience and a lot of friends.

This is my second home so don’t hesitate to come and join the team.  It’s a great place to work with!

See you soon.


Hero’s American Deli


My name is Ruben Ramirez.   I am originally from Mexico.

Here in the New Sanno, you can find yourself in cozy environment also you can find people from all over the world, such as Philippines, Argentina, Nepal, Ethiopia, France, Italy, you name it.  Language barrier wouldn’t be a problem for you.  There is always people helping people around the hotel.  Please join us to be part of this experience.  We are here waiting for you.