Express Delivery by Commercial Carriers

1F Front Desk

When you use Fedex or a domestic carrier company such as Kuro Neko (Black Cat) to have some belongings shipped to the Hotel, you will need to give notice to the Front Desk prior to the delivery date.

Baggage / Packages delivered two days prior to check in date will be refused.
Baggage / Packages received after the check out date will be refused.
Please notify to the Front Desk in advance in person, in writing or by phone.
Information should include;

  1. The name of the guest
  2. Period of stay
  3. Room number or confirmation number
  4. Name of company or delivery service
  5. Approximate time of delivery
  6. Tracking number
  7. Description of item to be delivered
  8. Valid phone number, email address or other means of contact