Dress and Appearance


  • All common areas of The New Sanno (not to include guest rooms) are considered public, and all authorized guests are to be compliant with COMNAVFORJAPANINST 1020.3B CIVILIAN CLOTHING REGU LATION/ POLICY which outlines that dress and appearance must be non-offensive, neat, clean and appropriate to time, place and function. Moreover, that fishnets, tank tops, undershirts or undergarments worn as outerwear, and men’s sleeveless tops are prohibited. Outer garments bearing obscene, discriminatory or with offensive designs or language are not allowed.


  • At the Pool, appropriate clothing helps maintain a safe environment. Swimmers must wear regulation swimsuits, no cut off shorts, denim, workout clothes allowed. As a family-friendly hotel, please abide by aforementioned guidelines in accordance with CNFJ Policy 1020.3B to promote an environment enjoyed by all customers.


  • At the Fitness Center, a proper Dress Code helps prevent injury, protect equipment from damage and again helps us maintain the positive environment sought. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and cap sleeves are not permitted. Jeans, skirts, or dresses are not to be worn in the Fitness Center. Please be sure to wear proper athletic shoes that are clean and tied. Open backed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, or bare feet are not allowed.


  • Appropriate cover-up and footwear is required while going to or coming from the pool for all customers. Workout clothing, sweaty or soiled attire are not to be worn in any of the public areas unless going directly to or from the Fitness Facility (not to be worn in restaurants, lounge, coffee shop, retail shops).


  • Our fine dining restaurant, Wellington’s, requires appropriate dress code for all customers. Wellington’s does not require a jacket or tie for gentlemen, however, for both men and women, a minimum casual dress code requirements and appropriate attire with proper foot wears are required. Dress and appearance must be non-offensive. Outer garments bearing obscene, discriminatory or with offensive designs or language are not allowed.  We do not permit tank tops, sleeveless tops or shirts, undershirts or undergarments, no cut off shorts, workout clothes, swim wear, sandals, torn, or frayed clothing.


  • Additionally for all Restaurants/Bar and Banquet Functions (including Sunday Brunch): Casual headwear including Baseball (Sports) hats, bandanas, stocking caps, outdoor knit caps are not permitted. Female fashion head cover accessories for outfits, dress hats and scarves, excluding the above “casual headwear” are permitted, as well as medically or religious required covers.


  • For special events, attire is as specified for the event.



as of 15 Sep, 2016