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Update as of January 26, 2021


Q:  When will the hotel start to accept room reservation upon reopening? 

A: The New Sanno continues to be designated exclusively a ROM (Restriction of Movement) mission lodging facility until further notice.


 Q: What services will be available when you reopen?


A: It depends on the current HPCON at that time. However Guest Rooms, F&B, Recreation and Retail will all open in modified phases. Please check SannoSafe page for updates.


Q: What is ROM?

A: ROM is a 14-day period during which incoming personnel and their cohabitants are not allowed to exit their residence or lodging in order to reduce the potential risk of transmission of COVID-19. All personnel coming into Japan are required to ROM at their residence or lodging on a U.S. installation. They travel directly to their ROM location via GOV or POV, not public transportation, and do not have contact with the local community. This requirement reduces any risk of possible transmission to the local population. The New Sanno Hotel is a SOFA installation. 


 Q: Who are authorized to book guest rooms for ROM?

A: Only pre-approved Commands are authorized to book rooms at The New Sanno at this moment. Please discuss with your Chain of Command. 


Q: I have a unique question, whom do I contact?

A: Please contact us at 






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